Topic of the Month

Every month, SJAT focuses on a social justice topic and curates a list of recommended books, podcasts, movies, and resource websites. An SJAT member may write a blog post related to the topic as well. The Topic of the Month serves as our educational component of how to immerse ourselves in a wide range of social justice issues.

DISCLAIMER: The items on this list are for educational purposes only. BUMC and Living Waters UMC are not responsible for the statements made in these books, podcasts, films, shows, and etc.

Suicide Prevention

Every Monday, be on the lookout in your email for resources you can use to educate yourselves, friends, and family on the importance of mental health. Please join us for the Suicide Prevention Walk on Saturday, September 10 from 11AM- 2PM at Lindley Park.



Movies, TV Shows, and Documentaries



Get Outside

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