How to Help

Justice & Mercy

The Social Justice Action Team is comprised of justice and mercy ministries for Methodists in the Gallatin Valley to get involved. Justice involves advocacy, education, and organizing for systemic change. Mercy involves tangible ways people can put their faith into by helping immediate needs in the community and beyond.


The Social Justice Action Team is the primary team to lead social justice action for Methodists in the Gallatin Valley. Here are some ways you can be an advocate, ally, supporter, educator, learner, writer, and activist.

Be an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention by starting healthy and meaningful conversations surrounding mental health.

Engage yourself in deeper learning and dialogue to build awareness and skills that support racial justice. Join the grassroots movement at the Montana Racial Equity Project.

Be involved in our democracy and be in relationship with our legislators. This is how we can make a difference in changing policy and government.

Be an ally for LGBTQIA+ adults and youth. Keep alert as we find ways to respond as a community to be engaged in the sacred resistance.

Join the Montana Association of Christians to be a part of a radical-love, progressive ecumenical movement and connect with others in a spiritual way.

Write a letter to editor to your local newspaper. It can be one of the most effective ways to get involved and make your voice heard in your community.


The Social Justice Action Team is partners with Bozeman UMC’s Missions Team, the primary team that organizes missions opportunities. Here are some service and giving opportunities to be involved in the Gallatin Valley.

Donate to the Tiny Home Project. BUMC has partnered with HRDC to raise $10,000 for the future Tiny Home Village Project.

Volunteer to help pack lunch bags for the Warming Center guests every 2nd and 4th Friday afternoon.

Support the Warming Center by focusing our donation efforts monthly to a new item that is in high need.

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